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1.    Bacterius™ Concentrated Liquid Aquatic Dye - Bacterius™ MARINE, MIDNITE and NATURAL BLUE are concentrated lake and pond dye formulated to block UV rays entering the water in order to suppress submerged aquatic plant growth. The dyes are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and formulated to treat larger ponds and lakes. Each super-concentrated litre will treat an entire surface acre of pond water.

2.    Bacterius™ NATURAL BLUE – Dry formulation of Aquatic Dye - Pond dye in an easy to toss dry formulation. What sets this formulation apart from other blue dye is the Natural look.  Bacterius™ NATURAL BLUE is formulated from careful colour dye combinations that uniquely match natural Canadian waters.

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1.    Phosclear, alum or aluminum sulfate - Phosclear buffered aluminum sulfate is a convenient phosphorus removal and water clarification solution for murky waters. Use in lakes, ponds and reservoirs.

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Pond Dyes


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