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Aurora Water Health provides top quality efficient tools to make owner control of aquatic weeds manageable and effective in ponds and at the lakeshore. Our tool combos range from heavy duty to slightly smaller and lighter weight with no loss of quality.


Weed Shear and Big Tooth Weed Rake Combo

This combo helps to make short work of aquatic weed infestations. Additional tools and/or replacement blades are also available.


The unique, efficient and effective design of the Weed Shear”R” makes light work of control and eradication of organic pests such as milfoil and hydrilia in both deep water and at the shoreline.

The 3 kg (8 lb.) Weed Shear is light enough to clear 7.6 m (25 feet) or more on a toss but is also heavy enough to sink easily to the pond or lake bottom for operation.

The Weed Shear

- Is intended for use in deep or shallow water,

- Slices cleanly at the base of the weed rather than a pulling or dragging,

- Includes a blade sharpener,

- Can be assembled in approximately 15 minutes,

- When not in use, store with blade covers over razor sharp edges,

- Ensure that all handle locks are properly secured before use,

- Is the best tool to deal with invasive aquatic weeds and comes with a one-year



Manage your aquatic weed problem with the best aquatic tool on the market. The Big Tooth Weed Rake is the longest and widest rake available on the market.  This rake is the perfect companion tool for the Wead Shear for control of the freshly-cut, free-floating aquatic weed material. With each pull the over-sized teeth of the Big Tooth Weed Rake gather large amounts of floating debris and weeds released by the Weed Shear and reduce cleanup time.  The Big Tooth includes 13 m (50 ft) of rope and a one year warranty.

Use the Big Tooth Week Rake to:

- Harvest your cut weeds and pull floating weeds from 14 m (45 ft) away.

- Remove floating debris from the beach front,

- Add a floating foam noodle to assist in the removal of floating weeds,

- Remove decaying organic matter that feeds new weeds,

- Weigh down the hollow rake head with stones for deep scraping,

- Use the super-sized rake head to collect large mats of floating debris,



For maximum efficiency, keep your weed shear sharp all season.  Not recommended for the Aquatic Weed Eradicator.


A complete set of tools for Aquatic Weed Control at the pond or lakeshore is included in this high-quality, affordable tool kit.

The Aquatic Weed Eradicator, Lake Rake for Aquatic Weeds, and the Super Fork for Aquatic Weeds are lightweight, robust tools engineered for reliable, efficient action at the pond, lakeshore or the beach.  The dual push and pull action of the Weed Eradicator ensures complete removal of stubborn aquatic weeds.  The ability to float or sink makes the Lake Rake a comprehensive tool for gathering harvested weeds.  The Super Fork is specifically designed to lift heavy aquatic weeds from the pond as well as the pond edge.


A new addition to our toolkits, the Aquatic Weed Eradicator includes:

- 71 cm (28 in) wide reinforced serrated cutting blade,

- 3.4 m (11 ft.) long blue powder coated aluminium handle (2 pieces)

- Limited Lifetime Warranty

- Sharpen with a regular file.




The Lake Rake is the perfect companion tool to the AWE for gathering a manageable load of weeds for disposal without causing muscle strain.  This lightweight yet strong rake can be used with or without its detachable float for retrieving weeds floating on top of the water or organic matter that collects on the bottom.  With the simple removal of the float and one length of the rust proof handle, the Lake Rake is easily adapted to a professional grade landscape rake for  beach dressing.  This durable, lightweight, robust yet easy to use tool includes:


- 2 piece blue powder-coated (rust proof) 3.4 m (11 ft.) long handle,

- 91cm (36 in) head, 36 tines each 6.4cm (2.5 in) long,

- 6 m (20 ft.) nylon rope,

- Detachable polyethylene float

- Limited Lifetime Warranty




The Super fork is designed to provide the strength and flexibility required at the lake or pond shore for lifting and removing heavy aquatic weeds.  Features include:


- Lightweight 1.2 kg (2.6 lb)

- Flexibility 27 cm (10.5 in ) tines

- 1.3 m (52 in.) wooden handle

- Limited Lifetime Warranty




Attached to your boat the Water Weedsickle will cut 4 foot swaths of aquatic weeds at the cottage, in large shallow bays, in canals or at marinas and reducing man hours and effort.


Now available in two sizes to fit particular challenges and budgets:


The larger Water Weedsickle Model - HD  is designed and built for commercial applications, along with large or medium sized privately owned areas.  Our latest offering, the lightweight and durable Water Weedsickle - LT is ideal for maximizing the recreational use of small to medium sized waterfront parcels through weed control for the lakefront or pond owner.


The Weedsickle - LT can adapt to most bottom or shore line conditions.   When attached to the bow, sides or stern of the craft, will cut to a width and depth of 1.2 m (4 ft.).  Two devices attached to one side of the boat increase the cutting span to 2.4 m (8 ft.).   The power source for the Model - LT is a 1/5HP (12V Deep Cycle Marine Battery (not included)), fully charged and under normal conditions will provide 6-8 hours of cutting time.  This tool is intended for optimum operation on finer grass-like weeds such as milfoil (Myriophyllulm sp) as opposed to larger, heavier and tough stemmed plants like cattails or bulrushes.

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