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Bacterius Water Treatments

Adding cultured beneficial microorganisms to an existing microbial community is called bioaugmentation.  Doing this reduces nutrients and breaks down sediment that has accumulated in the lake bottom.  The beneficial microorganisms are designed to release enzymes that can break down unwanted nutrients, fats and certain organic compounds.

Bacterius™ N, natural nitrifying bacteria – For green or cloudy water in ponds or lakes. The nitrifying bacteria in Bacterius™ N can quickly oxidize ammonia and nitrites into a non-toxic nitrogen compound, clearing your water at the same time.

Bacterius™ C, for organic matter & muck - Quickly and safely eliminates organic matter and stinky muck from the pond floor.

Bacterius™ EQUINOX, Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria Treatment - a cold water treatment for spring and fall.

Bacterius™ POND, nitrification and control of organic sediment - Maintains a natural equilibrium in your pond, keeping water clear, helping reduce organic sediments and controlling the growth of algae.

Bacterius™ MUCK, natural bacteria to digest muck - Canada’s #1 muck and sludge treatment for shoreline muck at the cottage, at the marina or beach where deep muck is a problem.  

Bacterius™ 5B, Dry Concentrated Beneficial Bacteria - highly concentrated beneficial natural bacteria with barley straw, five times more potent than 1B.

Bacterius™ 1B, Dry Concentrated Beneficial Bacteria - Can be used in water gardens, ponds and lakes as an affordable method to maintain excellent water quality.

Bacterius™ No.2, for septic systems & tanks - Keeps septic systems, tanks and weeping fields clean and operating efficiently by maintaining beneficial bacteria at proper levels.

Bacterius™ SEPT, for septic tanks & chemical toilets - Eliminates odor problems, blockages and overflows frequently associated with septic tanks and chemical toilets. 

Bacterius™ TRAP, biodegrades FOG in grease traps

Bacterius™ WTF, for waste water treatment - A mixture of highly efficient natural bacteria to improve waste water treatments and to reduce FOG, BOD, COD, organic solids, sludge and odours.

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