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Diffusion Systems

Industrial CanadianAir Diffusion Systems – Custom Kits

·      The most efficient aeration systems on the market

·      Custom made to suit the needs of our clients

·      Providing some of the best SOTE values, as found in independent studies by GSEE Environmental Consultants

·      Using the best type of Bubble Tubing® diffuser and lengths of hoses optimal for the specific application


Industrial CanadianAir Diffusion Systems – Standard Kits

·      Different options available to respond to the needs of private, commercial or municipal pond aeration

·      Our team of experts can help you to evaluate what would be the best type diffuser of Bubble Tubing® and what layout and installation will be optimal for your pond, lake or basin.


OctoAir, Industrial Diffuser for Aeration

·      Industrial grade

·      Resists corrosion

·      Easy to maneuver

·      Energy efficient

·      Available in two models: OctoAir-10™ (10 CFM) and the OctoAir-60™ (60 CFM)

·      High performance deicer and aeration diffuser designed for industries or municipalities.

·      Applications include aeration, deicing, mixing, and reduction of pathogens


Robust-Aire by Kasco Marine

·      Plug and play aeration system

·      Reliable, affordable, easy to install and maintain

·      Continuous deep water aeration

·      No electricity in the water

·      No floating equipment on the water’s surface 


SEIKA Ecorator High Performance Air Diffuser

·      Cylindrical diffusers designed to prevent clogging, sludge accumulation and reduce operational costs

·      Suitable for heavy industrial and municipal wastewater treatment purposes

·      Effectively mixes and oxidizes sludge

·      Easily retrofitted and function ideally on low pressure blowers or air pumps

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