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Aerators and Circulators

Kasco High Oxygen Surface Aerators

·      Ideal for fish hatcheries and fish farms and other applications where surface aeration is more desirable than lake-bottom aeration

·      Agitates high volumes of surface water, maximizing exposure of water to air for gaseous exchange

·      Increases oxygen during fish feeding and assist with increasing fish density in fish farming

·      Helps to promote ventilation of carbon dioxide and other gases

·      Moves water to inhibit formation of ice

·      Improves water for irrigation and animal watering

·      Effective for Municipal and Industrial wastewater treatment

- Provides aeration for recreational ponds


Kasco Marine Circulators / Mixers

·      Easy to install propeller motors

·      Reduces thermal stratification

·      Effectively mixes wastewater or drinking water

·      Blocks floating debris from entering an area, or moves debris from one area to another

·      Improves the health and vitality of your water


Kasco Marine NSF CertiSafe Circulators for Water Towers

·      Provides submersible mixing to prevent stratification of water and ice build-up in water tanks

·      NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) International / ANSI 61 & 372 safe for use in potable drinking water

·      Easy, versatile installation


Mini Air 4 Aerator for Basins and Septic Tanks

·      Small aerator for basins and small to medium sized ponds and septic systems

·      Efficient and economical

·      Easy to install

·      Increases water quality

·      Provides faster breakdown of decaying organic matter by natural microorganisms

·      Reduces odours


Solar Powered Aeration Systems

·      Environmentally friendly and economical

·      Easy maintenance and operations

·      Designed to run up to 20 hours per day 

·      Battery backup system


Solar Aerators AerMaster DD

·      Affordable, quiet, high efficiency solar aerators

·      Available with or without accessories and in multiple configurations

·      “Direct Drive” (DD) Technology

·      Battery Free operation


TIBEAN Hypolimnetic Deep Water Aerators

·      Designed to efficiently aerate the hypolimnion in lakes and reservoirs

·      Aerates without de-stratifying the thermal layers

·      Assists in the mineralisation of organic sediments

·      Improves the water chemistry beneficial to microorganisms, fish and all forms of aquatic life

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