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Bubble TubingĀ®

Bubble Tubing, Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser

·      Highest quality, durable, flexible, linear aeration tubing

·      Above average oxygen transfer rates in water

·      Easy to install and maintain

·      Available in weighted and non-weighted formats

·      Available in custom or standard lengths

·      Lead free

·      5-year Warranty, built to last 20-25 years

·      Designed and made in Canada with distribution worldwide


Air Bubble Curtains with Bubble Tubing

·      Also known as bubble barriers

·      Potential protection of marine mammals, maritime environments, and those who work or find recreation in the ocean

  • Mitigate damage in marine environments from noise and the effect of blasting due to mining, drilling, seismic surveys and underwater pile driving.
  • Protecting marine mammals from offshore oil platforms and wind power farm construction and continuous operation vibrations and noise (machinery and engine noise)
  • Containing oil spills within a given area
  • Fish guiding and containment systems in waterways such as rivers
  • Motion control and direction of floating debris
  • Silt barrier and turbidity curtains to contain sediments in suspension


Aeration Parts and Accessories

·      Air Diffusers

·      Bio-Purge, biofilm control

·      Compressor Cabinets & Mounting Bases

·      Compressors and air pumps

·      Control Panels

·      Floats & Dock Mounts

·      Repair parts & accessories

·      SureSink™ Weighted Air Line Tubing

·      Torpedo: Reinforced Weighted Hose, Industrial Grade

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